02 June 2013

The new major version of QSOS is at last available!

We worked a lot towards this very moment. The 2.0 release comes with many changes.

QSOS Formats

  • XSD for QSOS format (available here)
  • Freemind XSD for templates (available here)

QSOS backend

  • QSOS backend is now split in two repositories:

    • Incoming: community sandbox opened to any registered user

    • Master: QSOS certified evaluations and templates

  • Templates and evaluations can be uploaded to the backends, this requires authentication

Connect to the backend and create an account today.


  • Remote Templates can be downloaded from the QSOS repositories and used to create a new evaluation
  • Remote evaluations can be downloaded from the QSOS repositories and opened by the editor
  • Evaluations can be send and saved in the remote QSOS repositories, this requires authentication
  • Evaluations can be resynchronized with local or remote templates

Install the Firefox extension or the standalone application.


  • O3S connects to a QSOS repository by configuration
  • Better GUI internationalization, including evaluations filtering on language
  • Evaluations can now be visualized in HTML and Freemind format
  • Comparisons can now be visualized on a QSOS Quadrant and also be exported to OpenDocument formats (ODS, ODP and ODT)

Connect to one of the two O3S instances:

  • Master: evaluations and templates validates by the QSOS community
  • Incoming: sandbox where anybody can propose contributions

We will reinject former templates and evaluations in the coming days.


  • New format and mechanism adopted

    • QSOS documentation is now written in Markdown/Pandoc syntax

    • Two export format are used: PDF and Gitit wiki pages (to be available soon)

    • Export documents are built with make

  • QSOS Method migrated to Markdown/Pandoc: download the PDF export in english or in french.
  • New document: QSOS Tutorial (for now available in french, english version is coming…)

Source Control

All QSOS sources (code, edoc and this very website) are now hosted on GitHub.

So fork us and contribute!