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QSOS is a community-based project: the more we are, the better we are watching!

So join us in our effort to help people adopt open source software. You can contribute in many different ways, for instance:

  • Update an existing evaluation or template (check the QSOS Tutorial to see how to so so… in French ;))

  • Create a brand new template and/or evaluation (check the very same tutorial)

  • Be such a nice and frequent contributor that you’ll be granted commit right in the QSOS Master backend (this one)

  • Help on code or edoc (fork the GitHub repository: https://github.com/drakkr/qsos/)

  • Advocate QSOS to people you know (padawans, coworkers, customers, friends…) or not (blog readers, conference attendees, magazine buyers, @followers… !)

  • Any other creative way you’ll find (sell/give T-shirts, make QSOS tattoos, have QSOS parties, mix all this in one event…)