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QSOS proposes a method, designed to qualify, select and compare open source solutions in an objective, traceable and argued way.

This method is distributed the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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Proposed process

QSOS process

The QSOS method describes a formal process to evaluate, compare and select open source solutions. This process is made up of four interdependent and iterative steps:

  • Define evaluation templates structured as trees of evaluation criteria with two major axis:

    • Project’s maturity: criteria fixed and made mandatory by QSOS whatever software family is considered

    • Software’s functional coverage: criteria depending on the considered software family

  • Evaluate open source solutions against templates by scoring the criteria

  • Qualify specific usage contexts by weighting the criteria

  • Select most relevant solutions identified through comparisons based on scored and weighted criteria

This step by step approach, the multi criteria analysis and the scoring model defined by QSOS allow objective and traceable evaluation and selection of open source solutions.

This proves relevant when studying migration opportunity or when selecting the best open source solution in a given context.